2016 Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy Award

The Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy Award is presented to a parish for its outstanding work in Christian stewardship formation in honor of the late Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy. Archbishop Murphy was an ardent supporter of ICSC and a passionate promoter of Christian stewardship. He died in June 1997, and this award is a fitting tribute to his memory.

The 2016 Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy Award is presented to:

Good Shepherd Catholic Church
Alexandria, Virginia

Good Shepherd Parish was founded in May 1965, to serve the Catholic popu­lation of the Mount Vernon area of Al­exandria, Virginia. Parishioner partici­pation in liturgical ministries, lifelong faith formation, fellowship, and a com­mitment to serving those in need have been the hallmarks of Good Shepherd Parish from the first days of its history. Parishioners are encouraged to live faith­-filled lives and to recognize how their God­-given gifts may be used in service to one another and in their lo­cal community.

The community at Good Shepherd has a long tradition of “welcoming the stranger” through its hospitality and welcoming newcomers to the imme­diate area. Their hospitality has also extended to those new to the United States. Over five decades, parishioners have opened their hearts and homes to new arrivals from Southeast Asia, those escaping war and strife in Central and South America and even the families of armed service and government person­nel whose lives, by the very nature of their service, are so transient.

Good Shepherd’s family of faith is also committed to outreach to the poor and underprivileged in its community, nationally, and internationally. In the past ten years over $500,000 has been raised at its parish International Festi­val. These funds have been distributed to the community through “Shepherd’s Gate Grants” and to charitable organi­zations that provide support to those in need of food, shelter, and educa­tional opportunities.

Good Shepherd has grown from 900 to more than 3,400 families, with 57 original families still worshiping and serving in the parish. Eight Sun­day Masses in English and Spanish are celebrated each weekend. There are over 150 active ministries, en­compassing liturgy, faith formation, outreach and more.


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