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Promoting Christian Stewardship in the Catholic Tradition


The International Catholic Stewardship Council promotes stewardship as a way of life throughout the Church. It directly serves the stewardship and development initiatives of dioceses, parishes, professional firms, religious congregations, and Catholic associations through its seminars, publications, and the annual conference.

ICSC promotes the growing professionalism of diocesan stewardship and development programs. It fosters the development of parish-centered stewardship initiatives aimed at increasing parishioner involvement and financial resources.


Share your stewardship experience with a network of peers, discuss varied opinions, and learn from one another’s expertise.

ICSC Events and Member Discounts

Membership discounts are available for all ICSC- sponsored events, including the annual conference.


Membership discounts are available for all ICSC- sponsored events, including the annual conference.

Diocesan Development Survey

Members receive access to this comprehensive report analyzing data provided by diocesan stewardship offices nationwide.

Awards & Certifications

Each year, at the Annual Conference ICSC recognizes member dioceses and parishes that have best promoted the spirituality of stewardship that year. Members may enter their stewardship promotional materials for consideration in the following categories:

Diocesan Stewardship Awards:

  • Annual Appeal Brochure

  • Annual Appeal Poster

  • Annual Appeal Video

  • Total Annual Appeal Effort

  • Total Capital Campaign Effort

  • Total Diocesan Stewardship Effort

  • Total Planned Giving Effort

  • Total Foundation Effort

  • Diocesan Stewardship Video

Parish Stewardship Awards:

  • Archbishop Thomas Murphy Award

  • Parish Stewardship Materials

  • Parish Stewardship Video

  • Parish Capital Campaign Effort

Parish Certification:

  • Stewardship Parish Certification

CFRE Certification Points

Attendance at the ICSC Annual Conference or the ICSC Institute for Stewardship and Development qualifies for CFRE certification points. Attendance at any conference or institute session constitutes points on the CFRE application. Point values may obtained from the CFRE Certification Board. Visit the CFRE website for more information.

This is not the same as the award for continuing education units (CEUs) and does not imply endorsement of this program by the CFRE Program.

Parish Application Form

Arch/Diocesan Application Form