The earth has yielded
its harvest; God, our God,
blesses us. ~Psalm 67:7
Our Mission

For over 60 years of Catholic collaboration, the International Catholic Stewardship Council promotes and supports Catholic teaching on stewardship by providing education and resources for dioceses, parishes, and institutions of the Roman Catholic Church.

2023 Annual Conference

Eucharistic Stewardship: Responding with Grateful Hearts.

The ICSC family extends its deep gratitude for all those who participated in its 61st annual Stewardship Conference held October 1 to 4, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. Participants gathered to pray, learn, network cultivate new relationships, and reflect on the life of stewardship in the Catholic Church. We also exchanged ideas on how to prepare for the Church’s transformational future in this post-COVID-19 environment. The most inspirational moments of the four-day gathering were three awe-inspiring concelebrated liturgies. The 61st annual conference was truly a moment of grace for all involved.



ICSC recognizes one of its six GOLD Strategic Partners, ACSTechnologies

This month the International Catholic Stewardship Council recognizes one of its six GOLD Strategic Partners, ACSTechnologies, an organization that has offered tremendous support to Catholic ministries for over 40 years. At this year’s ICSC conference, Terry Poplava, will offer a session titled “A Dilemma of Generosity and an Epidemic of Loneliness: Insights for how parishes can respond”. Terry shares the following description of this presentation: Our parish communities can be the antidote to the epidemic of loneliness. More than ever we must approach stewardship as disciples of Christ, each of us overflowing with the Holy Spirit. In this session we will look at fresh analysis from ACST and Villanova University on the state of giving, and insights from ACST American Beliefs research to identify steps parishes can take to foster belonging, faith and generosity. To view the study,   Continue Reading…


ICSC November Stewardship Prayer

Prayer is the first principle to embracing stewardship as a way of life. Through prayer, we confront our own spiritual disorganization and chaos and create a sacred inner space within ourselves where we can meet and have a conversation with God. Exercising good stewardship over our life of prayer is the first essential step to our ultimate goal in the spiritual life: to live unceasingly with a deep joy in the presence of God. On the next page we have included an November stewardship prayer for your consideration.   Continue Reading…

ICSC 2023 Conference

Conference Updates

Stewardship leaders from all over North America and beyond will join together to pray and share ideas about stewarding and evangelizing in their respective parishes and dioceses. Testimonies such as this one from one of ICSC’s parish stewardship leaders should offer great encouragement to those thinking of participating:   Continue Reading…


Tools for Growth

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From Our Strategic Partners

Each month ICSC provides practical information, whitepapers, and tips, as well as other insightful information from our Strategic Partners in this monthly e-resource, Wisdom From ICSC Strategic Partners.
Models of Stewardship

Stewardship Saints - Saint Albert the Great

Saint Albert the Great is a doctor of the Church and patron saint of scientists and philosophers. He was a 13th-century German Dominican theologian who is best known as the Master and tutor of Saint Thomas Aquinas. He is also known by students of philosophy as the individual who decisively influenced the Church’s stance toward Aristotelian philosophy that was brought to Europe by the spread of Islam. His attempt to understand Aristotle’s writings established the intellectual foundation in which Saint Thomas Aquinas developed his synthesis of Greek wisdom and Christian theology.

Everything Belongs to God: A Stewardship Reflection on the Gospel reading for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Gospel reading for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time contains familiar words of Jesus in response to the Pharisees’ attempt to trap him into saying something that would be politically incorrect. We know this familiar saying, but we don’t always understand it.