At the name of Jesus
every knee should bend.
in heaven and on earth
and under the earth...
(Philippians 2:10)
Our Mission

For over 60 years of Catholic collaboration, the International Catholic Stewardship Council promotes and supports Catholic teaching on stewardship by providing education and resources for dioceses, parishes, and institutions of the Roman Catholic Church.

2024 Annual Conference

Called to be Saints

SEPTEMBER 15-18 | NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA The theme for this 62nd anniversary conference is Called to be Saints. The conference image is that of the Adoration of the Holy Trinity by Albrecht Dürer, ca. 1511. The painting gives us the opportunity to experience a dazzling vision of the kingdom of heaven from two perspectives. We see both heaven and earth which keeps us mindful that though we live on this earth, we are as Saint Paul describes in his first letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 1:2), counted among the saints in heaven through our Baptism and profession of faith in a Triune God.



ICSC recognizes one of its six GOLD Strategic Partners, Thrivent

Our newest Gold Partner is a mutual aid organization founded more than 100 years ago that provides advice and financial services empowering lives of service and faith. This year at ICSC, Thrivent presented their newest study on Christian giving, done in partnership with the Barna Group. This workshop explores the latest trends in generational generosity and is available in both English and Spanish. You can help those in your Parish grow in generosity and use their gifts to make an impact. Download a free report and learn more here.    Continue Reading…


ICSC April Stewardship Prayer

Prayer is the first principle to embracing stewardship as a way of life. Through prayer, we confront our own spiritual disorganization and chaos and create a sacred inner space within ourselves where we can meet and have a conversation with God. Exercising good stewardship over our life of prayer is the first essential step to our ultimate goal in the spiritual life: to live unceasingly with a deep joy in the presence of God. On the next page we have included an April stewardship prayer for your consideration.   Continue Reading…


Good Stewards Live the Beatitudes

At the beginning of his famous commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, Saint Augustine maintains that: “If anyone piously and earnestly ponders the Discourse which Our Lord Jesus Christ delivered on the Mount – as we read the Gospel According to Matthew – I believe that he will find therein, with regard to good morals, the perfect standard of the Christian life.” Many Catholic spiritual writers have affirmed Saint Augustine over the centuries in this regard.   Continue Reading…


Tools for Growth

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Each month ICSC provides practical information, whitepapers, and tips, as well as other insightful information from our Strategic Partners in this monthly e-resource, Wisdom From ICSC Strategic Partners.
Models of Stewardship

Stewardship Saints - Saint Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church

Saint Catherine of Siena, whose feast day is April 29, was the first layperson, and alongside Saint Teresa of Avila, one of the first two women, named a Doctor of the Church. As a young woman, Catherine believed she had a call to preach the Gospel. She organized a group of people to accompany her on mission trips where she urged her audiences to seek a deeper conversion to Christ in their lives through prayer and repentance. A devoted advocate of the Church, Catherine was also a severe critic of the abuses she saw in the Church. She ranks high among the mystics and spiritual leaders of the Church.

Good Stewards Avoid “Compassion Fatigue”

One of the spiritual maladies Christians face today is “compassion fatigue.” The media inundates us with details of war, hunger, poverty and disasters, both natural and human-manufactured, all over the globe. We can’t turn on the television or digital media without being assailed by news stories of another event that cries to us for help, and we are overwhelmed by pleas from worthy charities.