Stewardship is a commitment of mind and heart to the Lord; a way of life that needs
constant renewal and transformation. This time of year has always been one of looking
forward to a new year, reflecting on the changes we need to make in our lives and
resolving to follow through on those changes. Perhaps those who seek to make
resolutions to be better stewards might find inspiration in one or more of the following

Stewardship of Prayer: Resolve to strengthen your relationship with the Lord through
prayer. Notice how often you pray and what hinders you from praying. If you are a
beginner, commit to short, daily prayer times.

Stewardship of Family: Resolve to set aside more time to stay connected with your
family. Eat dinner together, schedule regular dates with your spouse, plan family outings,
and go to Mass together. Practice patience and forgiveness.

Stewardship of Health: Resolve to get those medical and dental checkups. Adopt
healthier eating habits. Add exercise and other physical activity to your daily routine.

Stewardship of Possessions: Resolve to possess a little more “lightly” this year.
Consider ways you can reduce the amount of all that stuff you own. Distinguish between
those items that are necessary and those that are considered luxurious and unnecessary.

Stewardship of the Parish Family: Resolve to serve your faith community in some way
this year such as at liturgy, in the parish’s outreach or education and formation efforts. Is
it also time to enhance your generosity to the parish?

Stewardship of Money: Resolve to render sacred your annual budget. Reprioritize your
financial goals to ensure that the Lord comes first in your spending. Take positive steps to
improve your financial health.

Stewardship of Work: Resolve to be faithful to your daily, work- related tasks and offer
them up to the Lord. Cultivate your skills. Deepen your knowledge. Be mindful of how
you are building the Kingdom of God.

Stewardship of Mind: Resolve to keep your mind active. Commit to being more
informed on the issues of the day. Read your bible. In this presidential election year in the
United States, become even more familiar with Catholic social teaching.

Stewardship of Neighbor: Resolve to be a person of hospitality and mercy. Make time
and space for others who enter your life. Be more aware of those times when a neighbor,
co-worker, fellow parishioner or stranger, needs a moment of kindness, a little attention
or an affirming gesture on your part.

Stewardship of the Poor: Resolve to live with more compassion and in solidarity with
those less fortunate. Remember the poor in prayer, and commit to helping relieve in some
way the plight of those who are impoverished or marginalized