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International Catholic Stewardship Council:

Advancing Christian Stewardship, Catholic Philanthropy, and Resource Development Worldwide

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CSR Helping Hands Event

2018 Conference Attendees GAVE a Lot

'Global stewards' donned red hairnets and packed nearly 11,000 meals in 45 minutes for children in West Africa to kickoff the 56th annual ICSC Stewardship Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

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ICSC Stewardship Conference

Conference Attendees GOT a Lot!

The 56th annual ICSC conference kicked off with Sunday’s opening keynote, where Julianne Stanz, with her singular Irish wit and wisdom, shared with attendees the importance of spreading the Gospel in our daily actions.

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ICSC News Room

Wisdom From ICSC

Each month ICSC provides practical information, whitepapers, and tips, as well as other insightful information from our Strategic Partners in this monthly e-resource, Wisdom From ICSC Strategic Partners.

Join us for the International Catholic Stewardship Council’s 57th Annual Conference!

Chicago, Illinois • October 6-9, 2019


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ICSC Member Reflection

ICSC member, Dan Conway, reflects on the suffering and tension in our Church today and how a good steward of his faith remains a grateful believer now more than ever. Please click the LINK below to read Dan’s reflection.


Stewardship Saints

We celebrate the life of Saint Joseph in the month of March.  Next to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph is the most honored saint in the Catholic Church for being the foster father of Jesus and the husband of Mary. Saint Joseph was declared patron saint and protector of the universal Church by Pope Pius IX at the close of the First Vatican Council in 1870.

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