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The 2016 Christian Stewardship Award is presented to:

Monsignor Matthew Bernelli
Pastor Emeritus, St. Mary Catholic Church
Bridgeport, Connecticut

For over a decade Monsignor Matthew Bernelli has shared his vision of stewardship with the ICSC family, contributing his wisdom and experience to the Spanish-language track at ICSC conferences. He is Pastor Emeritus of St. Mary Catholic Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he was pastor for 36 years.


Christian Stewards: People of the Resurrection

For those immersed in the secular world, Easter is long over. The pastel bunnies, the chocolate eggs, the color-splashed jelly beans which appeared in the marketplace so temptingly just as Christians were beginning the fasting of Lent, have long been swept from the store shelves to be replaced in anticipation of the next marketable holiday. For the Christian steward, how backward this all seems. Yes, we believe that the Paschal mystery and the life-changing events of Easter are not over. They are not an end but a triumphal beginning, and they have altered us in a quite radical way. Read more...

Stewardship Saint for May

Saint Ivo “Yves” Helory



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Stewardship Prayer for May

Loving Father,

During this Easter season, we rejoice in your son, who has renewed us in freedom and joy through the mystery of his resurrection.

We have been called to proclaim his Gospel; not because we are good enough, holy enough, or talented enough; but because you wanted us to have this gift and this responsibility.

Give us the courage to be faithful to this call; help us make every day of our lives an experience of Easter.

And keep us ever mindful of our charge: to go in peace to love and serve the Lord; that as stewards of your world we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform it, bring it justice and peace, and offer it, in gratitude, back to you.

We pray this in Jesus’ name.


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