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Advancing Christian Stewardship, Catholic Philanthropy, and Resource Development Worldwide

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Grow Together

Christian Stewardship

Catholics in increasing numbers are being introduced to the message of stewardship and are studying how this concept informs their understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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Celebrate Stewardship

2018 ICSC Awards

Submissions for the 2018 ICSC Awards are now underway. ICSC encourages all ICSC members to submit the materials they have worked hard to create for the 2018 awards. CLICK BELOW to see the different award categories and information, including submission forms and criteria.

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ICSC News Room

Wisdom From ICSC

Each month ICSC provides practical information, whitepapers, and tips, as well as other insightful information from our Strategic Partners in this monthly e-resource, Wisdom From ICSC Strategic Partners.

Join us for the International Catholic Stewardship Council’s 56th Annual Conference!

Nashville, Tennessee • October 28-31, 2018


Monthly eBulletin

Receive helpful resources to enhance stewardship in your ministry. Discover prayers, featured articles, and Gospel reflections on a stewardship way of life. Be inspired, be equipped, and be transformed!  


ICSC Member Reflection

Learn from the experiences of fellow Catholics promoting stewardship in their parishes and dioceses as they share development best practices and helpful insight into successful stewardship programs worldwide.  


Stewardship Saints

During the month of March, we celebrate the life of Saint Frances of Rome.  Francesca and her sister-in-law turned part of their family’s estate into a hospital and distributed food and clothing to the poor.  Other women were inspired and joined them in their ministry. Francesca established a convent that eventually became known as the Oblates of St. Frances of Rome.  

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