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International Catholic Stewardship Council:

Advancing Christian Stewardship, Catholic Philanthropy, and Resource Development Worldwide

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Dr. Thomas Jones, Veteran NASA Astronaut

Missionary Disciples: Stewards of the Church

Attend the 2019 ICSC Chicago conference to meet and hear from missionary disciples who steward their Catholic faith in extraordinary ways.

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Rev. John J. Piderit, SJ and Schuyler Kleinpeter

Missionary disciples understand that stewardship is a way of life.

Meet dynamic stewardship presenters at the ICSC Chicago conference and listen to their experience of parish ministry, their lives of faith and their encounters with grace.

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ICSC News Room

Wisdom From ICSC

Each month ICSC provides practical information, whitepapers, and tips, as well as other insightful information from our Strategic Partners in this monthly e-resource, Wisdom From ICSC Strategic Partners.

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Monthly eBulletin

Receive helpful resources to enhance stewardship in your ministry. Discover prayers, featured articles, and Gospel reflections on a stewardship way of life. Be inspired, be equipped, and be transformed!  


A Stewardship Reflection for November

Catholic communities around the world set aside special days to reflect on the gifts they have received from a most generous God. God blesses each person through His loving generosity each day. Be particularly observant of the blessings you have received and make gratitude the center of your life in Christ. For more thoughts on a life of gratitude, please click the LINK below.


Stewardship Saints

We celebrate the life of Saint John of Kanty during the month of December.  He died on Christmas Eve, 1473 and his feast day is December 23.  He is the patron saint of Poland and Lithuania.