The Pontifical Mission Societies remind all Catholics of their call to be missionary disciples and the need for the Gospel imperative of almsgiving.

Since 1922, the Pontifical Mission Societies have been the official missionary arm of the Catholic Church, charged with the work of evangelization and charitable works throughout the world. Since their beginning, our popes have specifically directed Pontifical Missions to bring the message of Christ to the world, especially in countries where Christianity is new, young, or poor.

The Pontifical Mission Societies exist through the generosity of Catholics. They play a crucial role in combating poverty, disease, injustice and exploitation. Pontifical Mission Societies support more than 1,150 poor mission dioceses around the world.

There are four Pontifical Mission Societies:  The Society of the Propagation of Faith, The Society of St. Peter the Apostle, The Missionary Union of Priest and Religious, and the Missionary Childhood Association. 

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